Hi there!

I'm Sarah Klein. 

Seattle-based Design Producer & Creative Technologist

Making groundbreaking UX design happen at Cisco Secure by day.

Building a rapid-prototyping process for AR & VR UX design by night.

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Kindly, pardon the work in progress as I update case studies for previous projects to add to my portfolio.

About Me

I am a User Experience designer because I love to create products that spark joy. Always an early adopter, it's my mission to create a true UX workflow for Virtual and Augmented Reality products that can be widely adopted throughout the design community.

Finding creative solutions to complex problems and being at the forefront of emerging technology lights my fire.

I thrive on collaboration, bring a CEO mindset to everything I do, and believe empathy, adaptability, and curiosity are my super powers.

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Design philosophy:

"If you take the extra 30 seconds to do it right, you won't have to go back and do it over again."




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