Nice to meet you.

I'm Sarah.

Builder & Innovator. Tinkerer. Problem-Solver. Curious Learner. Lifelong Dreamer. XR Evangelist.

A deep love of tinkering, a lifelong habit of asking "why", and an insatiable drive to organize chaos has led me to a career as a User Experience Designer.

In my work, I believe in the power of design systems to help products scale and keep teams agile, I believe that UX Design and Development go hand in hand, and I believe in testing early and often to save time, save money, and deliever the best results through data-driven feedback.

For as long as I can remember, I've been the person people turn to when they need to figure out something new - be it a new venture, the latest technology, or even just setting up an internet connection. I'm driven in all I do by a simple thing: unlocking the secret behind what people really want and making it happen.

Half scrappy, self taught tinkerer, half book nerd who loves school, I love to learn new things both formally and informally. It's part of my lifetime of trying to understand how things work, why they work that way, and what I can do to make it even better. 


Professional Organizations

Co-Founder, XR Women

Co-President, Seattle VR/AR Association


UX Design
Brand Identity
Business Strategy
Front End Dev
Project Management

Quick Facts



Seattle, Washington

Alma Mater:

Johns Hopkins University


Business Administration


Startups  & Entertainment

I bet you'd never guess...

I've moved more than 20 times in my life (at this point, I've stopped counting). Living in so many places has given me a unique perspective and intense empathy for others. 

I pursued my first patent when I was a sophomore in high school for an online classroom I titled "Class Chat." The attorney handling it told me it was a baseless idea and not to waste his time and my money. This was my first lesson in innovation and the barriers to it.

I've got seven sisters. None by blood. As the middle child, I developed a keen sense of how to cut through the crap, get things done negotiate, mediate, and ocasionally referee. To this day, that dynamic hasn't changed.

I used to build cars and run pit/tech at a drag strip. As I've moved through life, I traded a wrench for a keyboard, but my love for tinkering has stayed the same. I will be forever curious about how to break something and put it back together again. 


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